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AVZ Ventures is a Filipino-owned company established in 2017, and currently holds office in Quezon City, Philippines. AVZ is confident of its product-centric approach to business. Their priority is to build a strong consumer base for NATURAL WELLNESS PRODUCTS in their areas of operations.

AVZ believes that any sound business model is firmly grounded on a solid consumer population which is serviced and satisfied by a well-supported distribution system.

Now, on Nov. 12, 2018 AVZ Ventures yet intruduces the newest marketing scheme that will definitely be the "game changer" in Philippines binary marketing scheme. It's the AVZ UNLI package. Come visit our office to know more details or consult an AVZ associate.


Our Core Value


  • W - Wise in making business decision
  • O - Organic in every product introduce
  • R - Resilient in making new opportunities
  • D - Devoted to the growth of our distributors

You can download (Philippines) AVZ Ventures Complan Presentation here by clicking the button.

project manager

President / C.E.O.

Ms. Vangie Arrieta

It is our vision to be the #1 company of choice to satisfy the growing demand for Natural Wellness products ̶ products that are developed using the latest scientific processes which guarantee product effectiveness.

" AVZ believes that any sound business model is firmly grounded on a solid consumer population which is serviced and satisfied by a well-supported distribution system. Our Mission is To make our consumers look and feel stronger and better by using products containing Asia’s most well-kept super natural anti-oxidant health secrets. To provide the best support and compensation plan for its distributors because everyone deserves to become successful. "

Our Business Plan

Ways We're Doing

Direct Selling

Once you purchase any of our packages, you will become a member for free. Being a member, you're entitled to 30% up to 50% discounts on our selected items. Purchased on discounts and sell on SRP (suggested retail price) which will give you instant earning daily.

Direct Sponsoring

Leverage your income potential by sponsoring someone to become a member. Let them buy our package and guide them through our AVZ business and get free products from the company.

Match Sales Bonus

You need to at least sponsor two (2) person that will eventually become your two different sales group, group A and group B. If the system sees a sale from your group A it will match it with your sale on group B. Bonus amount depends on package type that matches.

Group Sales Rebates

You will earn sales rebates from the repeat purchases of your network starting from your direct sponsors down to their 10th generations. All you need to do is to purchase a minimum of 100 product points within a particular month to earn.

Rank Incentive

Aim to reach the highest rank, you need to be activated in Basic Package (Php1,598) to start with. Then sponsor at least 7 Basic Package member to start climbing the ranks. Promoted ranks get the "allocated allowance" for each rank every season.

Infinity Bonus

This bonus requires you to be activated to Premium Package (Php3,998). Then start sponsoring Premium Package member as well. On the 1st and 2nd sponsor of your 3rd direct sponsored member onwards down to infinity yo will receives the Infinity Bonus.

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